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“You can't trust folk songs. They always sneak up on you.”
Granny Weatherwax in Terry Pratchett: Witches Abroad


This list links to discographies of the most important (to me, that is ;-) musicians and groups featured on Mainly Norfolk. You'll find a lot more of them in the comprehensive folk discography and in the record label discographies shown at the top of the navigation column.

  • Harvey Andrews
  • Frankie Armstrong
  • Steve Ashley
  • Roy Bailey
  • Damien Barber, The Demon Barbers
  • Les Barker, The Mrs Ackroyd Band
  • Jon Boden, John Spiers, Bellowhead
  • Maggie Boyle, Grace Notes
  • Anne Briggs
  • Cara, Deitsch, Litha
  • Eliza Carthy
  • Martin Carthy
  • Shirley Collins
  • Coope Boyes & Simpson
  • The Copper Family
  • Sandy Denny
  • Dovetail Trio
  • Robin & Barry Dransfield
  • Kim Edgar
  • Fairport Convention
  • Fay Hield
  • Ashley Hutchings
  • Nic Jones
  • Fred Jordan
  • Nancy Kerr, James Fagan
  • Louis Killen
  • John Kirkpatrick
  • Lady Maisery
  • A.L. Lloyd
  • Ewan MacColl
  • Magpie Lane
  • Brian Peters
  • Karine Polwart
  • Emily Portman, The Furrow Collective
  • John Roberts & Tony Barrand
  • Jeannie Robertson
  • Tony Rose
  • Leon Rosselson
  • 好用的访问外网加速器
  • Danny Spooner
  • Steeleye Span
  • Dave Swarbrick
  • June Tabor
  • John Tams, Home Service
  • Cyril Tawney
  • 好用的访问外网加速器
  • Kathryn Tickell
  • Steve Tilston
  • Karen Tweed
  • The Watersons
  • Martyn Wyndham-Read

Note: I inherited the websites for some artists hosted here: Sandy Denny (merging it with mine) and Trevor Lucas in 1998 from Willem Doornkamp; The Watersons and Martin Carthy in 2002 from Garry Gillard, and Ashley Hutchings, Joseph Taylor and the Kipper Family from Tony Rees via Garry. Thank you very much for your great work and for asking me to take over!
And thanks to Alistair Banfield too for his never-ending support and wealth of information.

Alden Patterson and Dashwood: Waterbound (AP&D) Jess Morgan: Everything I Did Last Year (Amateur Boxer 586951 JESS) The Shackelton Trio: Fen, Farm & Deadly Water (own label) 访问国外网站的加速器软件 Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: Many a Thousand (Many a Thousand MATR18001) The Norfolk Broads: In the Valley of the Flowers Harry Cox: The Bonny Labouring Boy (Topic TSCD512D) Sam Larner: A Garland for Sam (Topic 12T244) 好用的访问外网加速器


Since this website is named in remembrance of Peter Bellamy after his first solo album, Mainly Norfolk, I thought I'd just list some Norfolk musicians featured here:

  • Alden Patterson and Dashwood
  • Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith
  • Peter Bellamy, The Young Tradition
  • Billy Bennington
  • Harry Cox
  • Ray Hubbard
  • The Kipper Family
  • Sam Larner
  • Jess Morgan
  • The Norfolk Broads
  • Walter Pardon
  • The Shackleton Trio

Vision & Revision: The First 80 Years of Topic Records (Topic TXCD597) From Here: English Folk Field Recordings Volume2 (From Here SITW011) 访问国外网站的加速器软件 It Was Mighty! (The Voice of the People Volume 29; Topic TSCD679T) Here's a Health to the Company (Old Songs & Bothy Ballads Volume 1; Autumn Harvest AH 002) Scottish Tradition Vol. 5: The Muckle Sangs (Greentrax CDTRAX 9005) The Child Ballads 1 (Caedmon TC 1145)


  • Fellside Recordings
  • Fledg'ling Records
  • Greentrax Recordings
  • Hudson Records
  • Musical Tradition Records
  • No Masters Co-operative
  • Park Records
  • RootBeat Records
  • Springthyme Records
  • Talking Elephant Records
  • Topic Records
  • Veteran
  • WildGoose Studios


  • Celtic Music Radio
  • Folkradio UK
  • 好用的访问外网加速器 (BBC Radio Merseyside)
  • Folk Show w/ Mark Radcliffe (BBC Radio 2)
  • Genevieve Tudor's Sunday Folk (BBC Radio Shropshire)
  • Invisible Folk Club
  • The Old Songs Podcast by Jon Wilks
  • Mike Harding Folk Show
  • Thank Goodness It's Folk


  • Jon Boden's A Folk Song a Day (2010–2011)
  • Andy Turner's A Folk Song a Week (2011–2016)
  • Maggie Boyle's Kitchen Songs (2012)
  • Bright Young Folk
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  • Folkopedia: A Wiki for the Folk Arts of England
  • FolkWorld: The Online Music Magazine
  • fRoots magazine: Worldwide Roots Music Guide
  • The Full English Digital Archive and blog
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  • The Mudcat Café: Traditional Music and Folklore
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